Now that you have an account, make sure you’re logged in. We’ll start in the Dashboard, your account’s default homepage.

Now that you’re here, let’s link up your review site listings. Don’t know them? Don’t worry. You can add your listings on major sites (Yelp, Google, Facebook, and more) automatically by clicking Connect a Location and following the on-screen instructions. And you can add specific review site listings by clicking the Add a Link button.

Pro Tip: Collect reviews via Email Signature, In-Store Kiosk & Website Widgets


The secret to a long-term competitive advantage is building a system where your customers can easily review you and reviews are automatically collected. By taking the time to setup your Nuanced Reviews widgets you will see a much Higher Return on your Investment.


You can also collect reviews directly from customers on your landing page without going through a third-party site. Quickly access this feature by clicking the Add a Link button and choosing the Review Now button at the bottom of the list that appears.

Your dashboard and landing page should now look a little more like this:

dashboard w links added

Next, let’s choose a layout. Choose the one that’s best for your goals. Segmenting layouts allow you to catch unhappy customers before they leave a negative review on a third-party site and give them a direct line of communication with your business.

Choose your layout by navigating to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Review Funnel Layout. Click the Change button to select a layout.

review funnel layout change hlt

Now that you’ve chosen your layout, perhaps your dashboard and page look like this:

dashboard w thumbs

Now that you have the fundamentals set up, it’s time to get your customers to the landing page to leave feedback and reviews. Navigate to Dashboard > Invites > Email to add recipients to your email list and begin sending them our automated email sequence. Click here to learn how to get started with an email drip campaign.

Note: In edge cases where a user has multiple Google accounts connected and is not logged in, the Google link will not function as intended.

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